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How to Hide Unruly Cables and Plugs

If you’re anything like me, you want your home to be a place of peace and order. One of the largest nuisances in any room, especially ones where technology is prominent (think offices and entertainment areas), are all the wires that dangle from our beloved devices. Exposed cables can be an eyesore and have an unruly presence in any home or workspace.

But with a few simple tricks, anyone can easily learn how to hide these unwelcome guests! In this blog post, I’ll show you some great ways to conceal those pesky plugs and cables – so you can reclaim the harmony in your space without sacrificing practicality or aesthetics.

Plan a Cable Management Solution

A cable management solution is the perfect solution to reduce clutter from unsightly wires. Take advantage of specialised products from an electrical wholesaler; they will help you organise and safely conceal cables, plugs, switches and power strips. Routing cables properly through cable trays or ducts can help to prevent dust from entering your equipment or the potential for cords being tripped over in walkways. Utilising a range of cord organizers, from plastic cable ties to velcro straps, can assist in further taming messy and tangled cords.

colourful patch cables

Plus, different colours of zip ties help differentiate what electronic groups are linked together from a distance. Employing these ideas should create an environment free from any jarring disruption by facing the wrong end of your favourite charging cord!

Use Zip Ties to Secure Cables and Plugs

Spending time organizing troublesome cables and plugs can be tedious, but you can make the process easier with zip ties. Using zip ties to bundle your cables and plugs eliminates the need to reorganize them when you move your computer or television setup. Not only does it help keep everything neat, but it can also make your equipment more secure by tightly attaching all the wires.

This is especially useful when travelling with expensive electronics like gaming consoles at risk of being damaged by loose cables becoming disconnected during transit. With zip ties, you’ll spend less time reattaching cables after every move and have peace of mind knowing everything is tightly secured.

Hide Cables Behind Furniture or Wall Hangings

Managing your devices’ cords, plugs, and cables can be a hassle. Loose wires and plugs can create an unsightly mess in your living room or office space. The perfect solution to controlling these optical annoyances is to hide the cables behind furniture or wall hangings. Not only does this help keep the area tidy, but it also works great for locations with limited space. Use cord bunnies or zip ties to gather multiple cords into one neat bundle behind the furniture of your choice.

hidden cable beside a cosy bed with pillows

With a few simple steps, you can organize your wires while having convenient access when needed. Hiding the cables improves the aesthetic appeal of any room and is a simpler and more organized way to deal with the everyday issue of tangled wires.

Clean Up Cords with Velcro Straps or Cord Wraps

If your desk and entertainment centre are anything like mine, they are full of cords, plugs, and cables. It can get confusing figuring out what goes where, and it looks messy too. I finally found a good solution to clean up my cords: velcro straps or cord wraps! By cutting the straps or wraps to whatever size you need, you can bundle all the cords together neatly to look organized instead of unruly. Plus, since many come in various colours, my cords and plugs coordinate with their surroundings. No more tangled messes and no more guessing which plug belongs to what device; now I have a system in place!

Conceal Surplus Electrical Outlets with Wall Plates

If your remotes and cords take over the room or lack aesthetic appeal, wall plates can provide a great solution. Wall plates allow you to hide electrical outlets and any extra cables behind a neat covering. Not only does this make the area look neater, but it also helps prevent a potentially hazardous situation in which cords hang dangerously across the floor.

In addition to looking more visually appealing, switching those unsightly wires with wall plates reduces clutter, hides tripping hazards, enhances safety in your home or office space, and can save time when rearranging furniture or vacuuming around plugs. So give yourself a break and invest in some wall plates to maintain an aesthetically pleasing environment with added safety.

Hide Longer Cables in Round Plastic Conduit Tubes

Unruly cables and plugs can be an eyesore in any room. Unfortunately, finding a solution that doesn’t involve expensive furniture or unnecessarily long wires around the room is hard. However, if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to keep those cables and plugs neat and tidy, round plastic conduit tubes are a great option.

Not only do they hide the unsightly cable mess, but depending on the size you choose, you can group several plugs together in one spot, providing even more order to your space. To top it off, these conduits come in many sizes and colours to blend them into your decor or give your room even more personality by adding some contrast with vivid hues.

Keep Unused Chargers Organized in Bins or Boxes

Keeping unused chargers in bins or boxes is incredibly useful for organising your home. Not only can this help hide those unruly cables and plugs, but it also provides a safe spot to store your extra charging cords. This lets you always know where they are when you need them, so you’re not digging through your drawers constantly. Storing them in labelled bins or boxes also makes things easier if you ever move, as all your chargers will be consolidated and easily transported. Keeping chargers organized in labelled containers can be life-changing for anyone seeking organization and peace of mind!

Install Plug Extension Leads for Hard-to-Reach Sockets

It can be a headache to deal with all the power cords and plugs surrounding furniture and appliances. Even more frustrating is when your appliance or device has a hard-to-reach socket. Keeping unruly cables and plugs out of sight can make a room look cleaner and neater. The solution to this seemingly perpetual problem?

a black plug extension

Install an extension lead with a plug on it! This way, you don’t have to worry about losing more time trying to manoeuvre cables into tight spaces; think of the hours you’ll save! Plus, your room will look much better since you won’t have unsightly plugs lying around anymore without compromising its functionality. You won’t regret making this decision once you try it out – hiding those easily tangled wires no longer has to be such a chore!

Ditch Power Strips for In-Wall Surge Protectors

Keeping cords and plugs contained neatly is an age-old battle with technology. But why not consider investing in an in-wall surge protector to keep your devices connected with a squeaky-clean aesthetic? An in-wall surge protector will not only recycle electronic waste (like the adapter boxes of old), but it also serves as an additional safety precaution against electrical overloads.

You must select an in-wall surge protector tested for safety by a UL-certified safety testing laboratory. Do your research first to make sure the outlet will be able to fit your plugs and adapters. With that said, upgrading to an in-wall surge protector can provide peace of mind and tidier living space.

Use Retractable Charging Stations for USB Devices

With the influx of devices and gadgets requiring a USB port for charging, it can often be difficult to manage the cables and plugs without creating an unruly mess. Retractable charging stations provide a great solution by hiding the cables and plugs from view when not in use. Instead of unwinding, plugging in, and winding up the cords each time a device needs to be charged, no-hassle retractable mechanisms allow quick and easy access to the cords, even if they are housed inside a cabinet or desk drawer.

Not only do these charging hubs help with organization and clutter control, but they also minimize tripping hazards in both commercial and residential settings. Retractable charging stations make managing our increasing dependence on technology much simpler.

Mount Tablets on the Wall with Flexible Clamps

Mounting tablets on the wall is an efficient way to keep your workspace looking tidy. With the flexibility of flexible clamps, you can customize your area to hold your tablet securely and hide cables and unruly plugs. Not only does this minimize clutter, but it also keeps that technology in a convenient place at all times – no more running to find them out of sight!

Plus, with the mounting capability, you can easily adjust the angle watch or show images without worrying about holding it. Finally, wall-mounted tablets look stylish and are the perfect way to ensure your essential technology is secure while freeing up space in other areas of your home or office.

Choose Smart Home Automation and Control Solutions

Smart home automation and control solutions are ideal for kitchen appliances like fridges, cooktops, and dishwashers. These kinds of facilities are known to generate a lot of cords, plugs, and other related materials that can be difficult to manage around your kitchen. By choosing smart home automation solutions for kitchen appliances, one can easily hide all the unruly cables and plugs, leaving the kitchen with a minimalistic yet modern look.

Furthermore, these solutions also provide extra safety features and manage cables smartly. With several options available in the market today, it is a great time to explore what kind of smart home automation technologies suit best for your kitchen.

Upgrade to Wireless Technology Wherever Possible

Wireless technology is a must-have for any smart, modern home. Instead of cables and plugs cluttering the floors and walls, eliminating the need for them makes spaces look tidy, presentable, and elegant. After all, no one wants their guest to be distracted by wall sockets while they talk. That’s why upgrading to wireless technology wherever possible is a great idea: It will cut down on cord chaos and improve convenience since you don’t have to search for cords as often as you did before.

Additionally, due to advances in this tech area, we have seen more devices that offer strong wireless capabilities at an accessible price point; now, everyone can enjoy the ease and aesthetic benefits of wireless!


Cable management is an essential element of every home or office design. With the right solutions, like in-wall surge protectors, retractable charging stations, mounting tablets on walls with clamps, smart home automation and control solutions and wireless technology, you can keep your workspace neat, modern and clutter-free. Investing in these cable management products makes your space more presentable, eliminates tripping hazards, and improves safety for everyone. So make sure you choose the right solutions to keep everything in place!

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