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Outdated Interior Design Trends We’re Leaving in 2022

New trends in interior design come and go, making it hard to keep up with what is popular today! As 2022 ends and 2023 begins, it’s time to say goodbye to some outdated interior design trends that have existed for far too long. This blog post will look at the top eight examples of outdated design we left behind in 2022 – from old wallpaper patterns and clunky furniture pieces to bright neon lights – so you can start your home refresh on the right foot. Let’s get started!

1. Black Walls

In 2022, the design landscape shifted away from dark, heavy walls. Painting an entire room black to make a statement has been viewed as outdated, creating a moody and closed-off feeling. It has shifted towards lighter and brighter interior paints that create a more inviting and energizing home atmosphere.

Using pale shades of blues, yellows or greens for wallpapers and paints, homes will become soothing retreats filled with natural light. With this movement away from darker hues, homeowners have embraced uplifting and calming colours that still make an impact but don’t necessarily overwhelm the entire room.

bedroom with black wall

Alternatives to Black Walls

Having a wall painted in its natural state definitely has its merits; light colours such as beige and white often create a calming atmosphere. However, using bold and bright colours is one of the best alternatives to using black when painting walls. For example, rich reds or royal blues can give any room an air of sophistication and grandeur.

The use of strong paint with these strong colours makes a room look more interesting and creates an energised atmosphere. Therefore, using colour as an alternative to black is a great way of expressing personal style while keeping a classic home design.

2. Dark Wood

The dark wood interior design trend made a definite statement during its peak in 2022. Whether it was the dark, rich cherry wood tones, or the sleek ebony varieties, this look created an air of mystery and sophistication in any living space. Usually embellished with gold or silver accents, it added a pop of luxury to traditional decor. That being said, we left that trend at the end of 2022 and, since then, have seen an influx of lighter designs and brighter colours taking centre stage in interior design today.

 vase on top of dark wooden drawers

Alternatives to Dark Wood

Real wood is often considered luxurious because of its beautiful grain and texture. As an alternative to dark wood, real wood can come in many approachable colours that still have real wood benefits. For example, lighter-stained woods like oak and cherry offer an elegant, natural look that will brighten any space. Plywood is also a good real wood option for those on a budget since it’s much more cost-effective and comes in various finishes. Whatever the case, there are plenty of real wood alternatives to suit anyone who doesn’t want the traditional dark wood theme presented by mahogany or walnut.

3. Extreme Minimalism

2022 saw an unprecedented surge in extreme minimalism regarding interior design. This trend meant that each room contained only the bare minimum of necessary items for inhabitation, usually characterized by a neutral colour palette and sparse furnishings. Despite its minimalist appeal, however, the movement was short-lived and did not continue past the year 2022; regardless of how much influencers tried to keep it afloat, those who took part in the trend seem to have now embraced more maximalism when it has come to decorating. As of today, modern trends certainly involve a few more accents than previously seen in the homes of 2022 minimalist enthusiasts.

Alternatives to Extreme Minimalism

Moving away from extreme minimalism doesn’t necessarily mean creating a cluttered, over-decorated space. A simple, yet welcoming space can be achieved by lightly incorporating personal touches such as photographs, art pieces, throws, and indoor plants. It is no longer necessary to sacrifice the warmth of your home when striving for an aesthetically pleasing look which blends functionality with comfort.

Adding just the right amount of purposeful items can create a home that balances between clean and cosy. With minimalistic design evolving in popularity, we are fortunate enough to have so many creative options nowadays to ensure our living areas feel balanced yet lively.

4. Bouclé Furniture

In 2022, the interior design trend of bouclé furniture caught fire, quickly becoming one of the most sought-after looks. Bouclé typically features a fabric with a complex yarn structure comprising loops and clumps to create a textured effect. This cosy aesthetic was all over people’s homes as they settled into quarantine life, and it complimented every room. By the end of 2022, however, people were ready for something new, so this trend faded away as we moved into 2023. While bouclé may not be part of our lives anymore, it was certainly a look that left an impression!

Alternatives to Bouclé Furniture

Decorating a home can be difficult for some, but with the endless possibilities in furniture that exist nowadays, it is easier than ever. Other options are available when considering bouclé furniture, which often adds texture, colour and personality to any room. Swedish Gustavian furniture is a great way to add glamour while keeping the atmosphere cosy.

Art deco-style furniture lends an air of sophistication to any home while maintaining traditional elements. Mid-century modern designs can blend with most existing designs and energize any living space. These alternatives might be just the right amount of change and flattery we need in our homes!

5. Misshapen Mirrors

The trend of misshapen mirrors slowly fading away in 2022 caught many people by surprise. People were initially apprehensive of using such a disruptive design choice as part of their decor, but it was ultimately embraced for its unique and interesting look. The aesthetic achieved with this method had an air of bohemia that was attractive to a particular subset of homeowners who wanted to add an edge to their interior designs. As this trend began to subside, designers looked elsewhere for inspiration and trends from 2020-2022 have turned more towards modernism and functionality.

Alternatives to Misshapen Mirrors

Alternatives to misshapen mirrors can be an elegant addition to any home décor. Rather than hanging a visually unappealing misshapen mirror on your wall, consider spherical mirrors. These circular mirrors bring an element of chic to any room and reflect light in unexpected ways. Additionally, a LED-lit backlit mirror adds a sophisticated balance of modern edge with timeless functionality. Mirrors also make small spaces appear larger by broadcasting light throughout the room. Whatever style you decide, opting for an alternative to misshapen mirrors can transform a traditional room into one that looks polished and chic.

a round wooden framed mirror on a white wall

6. Floral Upholstery

Floral upholstery was a grandmillenial interior design trend that left us in 2022. This style brought furnishing that had luxurious and grand designs. Upholstered chairs, sofas and armchairs were fabric draped in beautiful scenes of wildflowers, blooming roses and other delicate blossoms. These pieces truly transformed homes into something special and created timeless beauty. Although we may not have these unique designs in our homes now, we can still admire them from the past.

Alternatives to Floral Upholstery

While floral prints may be a traditional choice for upholstery, there are plenty of other pattern and colour options to freshen up any interior space. Mixing up styles with stripes, plaids, polka dots, paisleys, or geometric shapes is a great way to add visual interest and create an inviting atmosphere.

If bold patterns aren’t your thing, consider neutral colours or go monochromatic with different hues and tints of the same colour. Adding texture through playful weaves or velvet can also add sophistication and warmth to an area. With the varied selection available today, it’s easy to find something that complements any style without compromising comfort.

7. Gallery Walls

Since gallery walls became popular in 2022, many interior design trends have emerged – each one is more exciting than the last! Homeowners everywhere have found unique and captivating ways to showcase their personality with beautiful wall art that looks fabulous and has personal meaning. From colourful watercolour prints to stately black and white photos, gallery walls have revolutionized how our living spaces look and feel. Although we may have left this trend behind in 2022, we’ll always remember it as the charm that made our living rooms come alive.

Alternatives to Gallery Walls

If you’re looking for an alternative to gallery walls for showcasing your favourite artwork, why not consider a hanging installation? Hang your pieces along a wall or staircase intriguingly and creatively using different lengths of string, fabric strips, ribbons or even colourful yarns. Arrange pieces at varying heights to draw the eye and create visual interest. An interesting assortment of shapes, sizes, and colours arranged imaginatively can make your art display stand out. It’s also simple enough to add or remove artwork easily as needed. A creative hanging installation can be the perfect way to bring life to any area of your home while celebrating what makes you happy!

8. Rose Gold

Rose gold declared its presence in interior design during the 2020s, often used to add a touch of femininity and modernity to home decor. Although the trend has thankfully continued into 2022, rose gold is becoming increasingly difficult to find as it slowly fades from the shelves of popular stores. With new trends such as terracotta orange cropping up in its place, it seems that a new generation of stylish and contemporary designs has finally usurped rose gold. For those hoping to keep their homes looking fashionable and timeless, trading in shimmering rose gold accents for chic alternatives may be worth considering.

Alternatives to Rose Gold

Gold has long been used to make homes look luxurious, and regular gold is a great alternative to rose gold in interior design. Regular gold works particularly well with traditional, Victorian-style interiors and modern themes. You can use regular gold in small doses – on chandeliers, door knobs, lighting fixtures, and even curtains or pillows – or you can take bolder steps to incorporate regular gold into your interior design by painting the walls with a velvet-textured paint that gives off a slightly golden hue. Whatever you do with it, regular gold gives a feeling of calmness and opulence that cannot be achieved with any other colour.


Which colours are trending for 2023?

2023 will be all about bold, saturated colours in interior design. From rich dark blues and subtle greens to amber yellows and magenta pinks, this year is sure to be dominated by vibrant hues. Sophisticated neutrals will still have their place in the home decorating world, but pops of colour are certainly where the heart is! ‘Nature-inspired’ shades of sage green, mustard yellow, rose terracotta and sky blue will come together beautifully to create a look that is both elegant and invigorating. Experiment with daring combinations to make your space truly unique!

Which interior styles are timeless?

Interior decorating trends can come and go quickly, but there are definitely some styles that remain timeless. Traditional interior design has remained popular for centuries, utilizing elegant furniture and warm, comfortable fabrics such as velvet and ornate rugs. Industrial style, which often includes metal and exposed brick detail, is also one to consider when designing a space that stands the test of time.

Mid-century modern furniture is another iconic look; its modest use of colour and impressive overstuffed armchairs always make a lasting impression. All in all, these styles bring a sense of timelessness to any home, no matter how much time has passed since they originated.


Outdated trends from 2022 are slowly being replaced with fresh new looks, offering homeowners more options when it comes to interior design. This year, from regular gold accents to vibrant pops of colour, will surely bring plenty of opportunities for creativity! Traditional and industrial styles will remain timeless, while mid-century modern furniture adds charm to any room. With so many trends on the horizon, making your home stand out from the crowd has never been easier. Get creative, get inspired, and ensure you’re on trend for 2023.

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