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Innovative Garden Storage Hacks for Small Gardens

Do you have a small garden but find storing all your gardening tools and supplies difficult without taking up too much space? Are you looking for new and innovative ways of organizing and storing items in your outdoor space? If so, this is the blog post for you!

In this guide, we will explore some creative garden storage hacks that maximise the storage potential and available seating in any small garden, turning one location into two. Learn how cleverly designed shelving units, stackable boxes, and even multipurpose furniture pieces can help solve your storage woes while making the most out of even tiny alfresco areas.​

Repurposed Furniture or Containers

Solutions for garden storage in small gardens are often hard to come by. However, innovative hacks using repurposed furniture or containers can help get creative with limited space. Whether it’s an old vintage dresser upcycled into a shed for garden tools and gloves or an upcycled shipping container used as a potting bench, there are plenty of ways to make the most of any size garden.

brown wooden table and chair beside trees

A popular option is to use hanging crates or baskets from a sturdy trellis or fence to move bulky items off the ground and give air flow and light access to smaller plants. Pallets can also be used as planters, dividers, and even benches! Whatever you choose, keeping items organized with repurposed furniture or containers will maximize any small garden space!

Hanging Baskets or Wall Planters

Hanging baskets and wall planters are great hacks for growing herbs in small gardens. They can add colour, texture and a unique visual appeal to an otherwise dull area. Not only that, these planters are practical as well since they create extra growing space without taking up valuable ground space. The flexibility of the hanging baskets and wall planters makes them perfect for growing more than just herbs in a garden, as they can be used to plant almost any small flowers or vegetables.

These planters are also very easy to install and make gardening accessible to everyone, whether they have a large or small backyard. With some creativity, the garden storage options of hanging baskets and wall planters have the potential to add both form and function to any small garden!

Use of Vertical Space

For gardeners with limited space, using vertical columns and racks can greatly impact the creation of storage for garden tools and supplies. Maximising vertical space can help keep your lawn organized and well-stocked. Consider shelf units, hanging rails, and wall brackets to accommodate any things that need storage. Hanging planters are also ideal as they free up ground space while allowing you to tend to your plants. Vertical trellises created from wires or rods can house pots filled with flowers or herbs.

Additionally, suspended cabinets are an excellent way to provide needed overhead storage for larger items, such as shovels and rakes, without taking up too much ground space. By utilizing your vertical atmosphere smartly, you can transform a small garden into an efficiently storage-friendly one!

Folding Chairs or Benches

Many small gardens lack storage for garden furniture, such as folding chairs and benches. Fortunately, making clever hacks out of everyday items to store your seating without taking up too much valuable space is possible. Consider hanging folding chairs off the back of a shed or wall; the chairs can be easily pulled down when needed and hung back up afterwards.

 empty white folding chairs

If you prefer benches, they can be stored in several ways while still keeping a neat, tidy look in the garden. Consider using a trellis as an overlay to support benches, then take advantage of vertical spaces like fences or walls by adding hooks and brackets within easy reach; that way, the furniture can be moved quickly and efficiently without having to move it any further than necessary. With creativity and problem-solving, garden storage hacks for even the smallest of gardens can be easy and effective.

Multi-Purpose Garden Cart or Wheelbarrow

A wheelbarrow or multi-purpose garden cart is an invaluable tool for maximizing the efficiency of any garden. It is essential to transform a dull garden into an efficient and well-organized garden. It reduces back strain and effort, saving precious energy for other gardening tasks, and provides convenient storage options in even the most compact and small gardens.

The wheelbarrow or cart can be used to store necessary tools, potting soil, fertilizers and bags of compost, so they are all within reach when needed. Furthermore, wheelbarrows and carts come in a variety of shapes and sizes which easily transform according to your individual needs. If you are limited on space in your garden, investing in one of these dynamic tools is a great way to optimize the potential of your outdoor area.

Wooden Crates and Boxes for Storage

A small garden can make it difficult to neatly store items like your hoses, wheelbarrows, and other gardening supplies. To avoid clutter, wooden crates and boxes are an excellent storage solution for a small garden space. These containers offer convenient storage of all your necessary gardening tools, and the wood material adds a rustic touch to your garden – making them both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Wooden crates can also be stacked on top of one another, making the most of your limited space by allowing you to use vertical storage in your garden. It’s also easy to move things around as needed since these containers are lightweight and slow down the growth of weeds, so they’re kept neat and organised. With wooden crates, you can make everyone envious that despite its size, your small garden still has plenty of room for storing everything!

Cubbies and Drawers Underneath Your Decking

Many small gardeners always dream of finding extra storage space, and if you have a deck, think about adding cubbies or drawers underneath it. Not only does it provide valuable space for storing items such as gardening tools, outdoor furniture cushions and umbrellas, but these hidden compartments can also give you a unique way to create subtle beauty in the garden.

Your decking area will become much more interesting with these additions, and they are also ideal for smaller gardens that don’t have much square footage to work with. Install them using an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide, or employ one of the many experienced carpenters in your area. Either way, incorporating cubbies and drawers into your existing deck is a great way to add extra storage to your garden without compromising style.

Plants for Extra Privacy

Maximizing privacy in small outdoor spaces can be challenging but far from impossible. Incorporating plants into a garden to create more private areas is an efficient and cost-effective way to provide safety and security. Tall hedges are perfect for blocking unwanted noise and views while allowing light to filter through. Adding an arbour or trellis to give climbers something to climb will also increase the amount of green space available while taking up minimal space.

Finally, consider building garden storage around the perimeter of your yard to hide unsightly objects, such as garbage cans and garden tools. Not only will this help maintain order within your outdoor space, but this kind of clever storage can even aid in creating more modest barriers of privacy – leaving you with a beautiful private area for enjoying your garden’s full potential!

Utilising Unexpected Areas in Your Garden

Do you live in a small garden and think you don’t have the space to store gardening tools or other outdoor items? Think again! You can easily create extra space for all that gardening paraphernalia by utilising unexpected areas and clever storage hacks. If fences or walls surround your garden, try installing hooks for storing brooms, spades and other hand-held tools.

Alternatively, if your garden has a corner to spare, why not install attractive over-the-door shelves or hanging wire baskets for plants and seeds? For hoses or ladders, you can fit even the most challenging spaces with purpose-built shelving or cabinets – perfect for keeping everything neat and organized. With just a little imagination and some simple storage features, those small gardens can quickly become well-equipped outdoor havens!


Small gardens often require creative thinking and clever storage solutions to maximise the limited space. From wooden crates to cubbies underneath decks, storing gardening tools and other outdoor items can be made easy and stylish with a few simple hacks. Utilising plants for extra privacy or looking into unexpected areas in your garden are also great ways to create an oasis of comfort and serenity in small spaces. With these storage ideas, your garden can become a haven for all gardeners to enjoy!

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